Terminal Address

15801 RL Ostos Rd, Brownsville, TX 78521, USA.

Mailing Address

15801 RL Ostos Rd, Brownsville, TX 78521-1032, USA.

Registration Number: 0802078649

Texas Taxpayer Number: 32055371606

Telephone: +1 956 525 4322


Lately, the cases of the distribution of Term Storage Agreements made on the letterheads with a protected trademark of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal have been occurring more often. Due to this, we represent that ABC Gulf Coast Terminal is not in any way associated with the persons acting on behalf of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal and using the email: The email: and Phone numbers:+1 956 616-6848 does not associate with the activities of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal. All content with the details and the trademark of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal published on the internet in the name of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal is used by unidentified persons for the purpose of fraud. ABC Gulf Coast Terminal bears no liability for the obligations of this fraudsters

Apart from this, the cases of fraud were identified from the part of Merchant Petroleum Products/ Aqua Exporters & Shipping Inc. company which illegally uses details of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal and data to issue fraudulent documents in the name of ABC Gulf Coast Terminal. This companies are fraudulent and do not have any valid Term Storage Agreements with ABC Gulf Coast Terminal

If you have received a fraudulent job proposal or you have any suspicions regarding illegal arrangements, please inform us via e-mail:

Stay alert and do not consent to dubious proposals!